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The QoWatt Experience

From Token to Rewards

The QoWatt token allows you to acquire limited NFTs which can be stored on our platform in order to collect important rewards.
The 5 types of exclusive NFTs offer their holders discounts of up to 32% on charging their electric vehicle from QoWatt charging stations!


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The QoWatt vision

The future is here

We invite you to read our White Paper so that you can discover:

  • QoWatt’s ultra-innovative model,
  • the characteristics of the QWT token and the details of its business model,
  • the reasons why we chose the MultiversX blockchain
  • the different NFTs that can be minted and their numerous advantages,

… but above all, so that you can share our vision and be actors of the QoWatt project.

White Paper

QoWatt Founders

Be forever a founder

Following the initial fundraising stage, the next stage of the QoWatt journey is now upon us. As with the building of any major structure, the foundations are at the very centre of any architectural design. This is no different to what we are building here at QoWatt.

You, the founder, will be at the very epicentre of this project, but note that with great responsibility comes great power.

The “QoWatt Founders & Coin” document, will provide you with all the necessary details for the next steps, what to expect and where this journey will take you…

NEW | Discover “QoWatt Founders & Coin”


They accompany us on a daily basis

From the ecosystem to our decentralized application (dAPP), including our smart contracts and their management… Our specialized blockchain partners, all recognized in their area of expertise, allow QoWatt to move forward with confidence and efficiency towards the success of a world first for a private company run by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).



The answers to your questions !

  • How long do I have to hold my QoWatt tokens for, is there a vesting period?

    The QoWatt token has no vesting period, every purchase on pre-sale is released instantaneously to the investor’s wallet. Our tokenomics are designed to allow this, due to the following factors:

    1: We do not have any Venture Capital (VC) investment, private sales or desk deals with the QWT token. All the sales phases are exclusively open to the public and MultiversX community, from the start to the end of the pre-sale process.

    2: The number of tokens you can purchase is limited by our “anti-whale” mechanism. This mechanism ensures that “whales” are not able to consume a large percentage of the available tokens in any one round, thus mitigating against dumping and volatile price action.

    3: All QoWatt investors and participants of the pre-sale phase will start together in the public sale (DEX launch), with a liquidity pool that the QoWatt DAO itself will create.

    4: We do have a vesting or “lock” mechanism to prevent dumping, however this is only the case for the QoWatt NFTs. The minting process will occur before the public sale of the QWT token.

    5: All added value in the QoWatt ecosystem is integrated into our NFTs. QWT tokens, regardless of their market price, will always produce less added value in comparison. This is due to NFT holder benefits and rewards being generated from staking and compounding the asset. The ideal investor scenario would see investors having less tradable $QWT free in their wallets and more NFTs. This strategy will maximize value.

    6: Staking will be activated with all the proposed rewards several phases before the public sale has launched.

  • How do the tokenomics ensure value, what mechanics are used?

    To ensure that the long-term economic goals of both QoWatt and its investors are met, the QWT token utilises a deflationary mechanism. We mitigate inflation by burning a large quantity of tokens for each new charging terminal introduced to the network. This further incentivises longer term investment and reduces the token supply further to increase investor value.

  • OK, I’m in for the long-term, but with a small charging terminal network in the first year, how will my investment work for me?

    There are 2 different income streams that will contribute to your staking rewards in the near and longer-term:

    1) Minting of DAO seats through QoWatt NFTs

    2) kWh delivered through the charging network

    The first stage (while we build the charging network) will come from the DAO NFTs, this will be the most important stage initially. Eventually when the size of network increases, the second revenue stream will become more important to our investors.  We created this initial system to ensure good passive income for investors in the first stage of the project (first 4-5 years) or until the minting process is complete and we reach our Max NFT supply.

    The second stage of revenue generation depends on the kWh output delivered, this will be directly proportionate to the amount of charging terminals in the QoWatt charging network and their usage. This is the long-term vision.

    This works as follows; we mint 1 QWT for each kWh delivered and give 85% back to investors as staking rewards.

  • Is there a way to maximize my returns from my investment in QoWatt?

    Yes, and here is an example of how this can be done by staking and compounding interest through the QoWatt economic model:

    Example: You have 2 NFTs staked and are earning good daily rewards. After some weeks you accumulate enough daily rewards to buy a new Bronze NFT, so you mint it and stake it… Now you have 3 NFTs staked, this simple process is called compounding.

    An investor who chooses to compound NFTs for 4-5 years, will ultimately end up with the ability to generate perpetual passive income. This is the optimal strategy for long-term investors. The NFT supply is capped to 98590 units if you count all the Tiers, so by compounding you end up owning a greater share of the total ecosystem (and the resultant daily rewards).

  • How does the QoWatt NFT purchase work?

    1) Once you have purchased your QWT token packs during the pre-sale phases you will be ready to mint your NFT(s)

    2) At the end of Q1, you can “convert” your QoWatt tokens into a QoWatt NFT. The NFT you can purchase depends on the number of tokens you hold.

    3) Your QoWatt NFT allows you to receive a variety of rewards from the ecosystem, from charging discounts across the network to lucrative staking rewards and a voting seat on the DAO.

    4) For more detail check out the ‘QoWatt Founders’ section of our website.

  • Can I sell my NFT if I want to?

    When selling your NFTs on a secondary market you will only receive the $QWT amount that the third party offers you. Standard market dynamics apply, supply and demand are the primary factors that will determine your sale price. The QoWatt NFT system is created in such a way as to bring more value and rewards to those who support the project on a long-term basis.

    This long-term investment strategy favours those who hold and compound their NFTs. Trying to mint an NFT to earn rewards one week and selling it for a quick gain the next, may result in the potential future loss of passive income and value, compared to those who hold, compound and accrue.

  • What is a QoWatt Founder?

    A Founder is someone who joined the QoWatt DAO in its infancy, someone that minted a DAO NFT seat when the project was starting out. They will always be recognized in the ecosystem as the most important members of the community.

  • How does the DAO work?

    The QoWatt DAO works by providing the early adopters, the ‘Founders’ of the ecosystem with a voice as to how the project evolves. DAO voting will be a recurring concept in the QoWatt decision making process, from minor, to major decisions, that will shape the path of things to come, Founders will be central to this! The DAO will also provide you with a series of more tangible benefits in the form of welcome gifts during the first 6 weeks of the NFT mint phase. Keep an eye out for these and check out the ‘QoWatt Founder’ section of our website for more details.

  • Does my vote count as much as others?

    As a QoWatt Founder and NFT holder your seat at the DAO is as important as all other Founder members. Your vote will contribute to the critical decisions that will be made along the way. As a democratic process, there is one determinant that governs the power of your vote as an individual, this is the number and tier of NFT you hold. Diamant holders will hold a larger voting power than Bronze NFT holders, as they originally held a larger allocation of tokens from the pre-sale phases.

  • How will I know the results of DAO voting?

    Transparency is a key component of any DAO, QoWatt’s DAO will be no different. All results from voting will be made available to the community, with a full breakdown on our official channels.